Mobile Workers Embrace the Third Space at Orion Springfield Central

The first month of Orion Springfield Central’s innovative new mobile worker hub, The Third Space, has seen a strong uptake of the trial offer, with users loving it so much they are coming back again and again.

With over 120 enquiries about the space in the first month, management expect the smart, modular co-working offer will gain a large local patronage as word of mouth quickly spreads. Facilities on offer include the use of meeting spaces, individual work stations and flexible co-working areas, plus the free services like scanning and printing.  

“Early adopters have told us they love the opportunity to collaborate in a flexible and business orientated environment as opposed to a café or the library where noise limitations preclude phone conferences and meetings. High speed internet, parking and free printing along with our kitchen facilities are popular and the child-minding service for free at Mini Minders is a winner,” said Kimberley Hill, Experience and Business Development Manager for The Third Space.

“Our customers are enjoying the ability to book ahead to be guaranteed a work spot and the space has also been popular with Centre’s retailers, who are taking advantage of the space as an alternative location for meetings outside their stores.

“We are already seeing monthly membership sign ups to secure spots,” Kimberley said.

Users range from technology and financial services businesses through to musical and massage therapy consultants utilising the free child care services and great desk space with other like-minded flexible workers. 

Feedback from the first round of free trial users is helping The Third Space team to further tailor the offer that will develop through the trial period. It already offers free parking and a dedicated concierge who responds to calls and drop in enquiries.

The Third Space is located in the Target Mall opposite Mini Minders, operating from 8.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, with both casual rates and monthly memberships offered during a 12-month trial of the concept. 

To find out more or to book a space email or find out more at

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